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My Ram Flock
Temperament is very important in my flock. Especially in rams. This is because ultimately their genes are shared with more offspring than the ewes. But also because rams of most breeds can be dangerous to be around. This is not typically the case in Finnsheep. Any visitor to my farm is welcomed to visit my ram flock so they know who both parents are and come to appreciate the temperament of Finnsheep rams. Their friendliness often comes as quite a surprise to shepherds who are used to keeping other breeds of sheep.

I find the boys to be so friendly and outgoing that I often prefer the boys to the ewes as pets. Even though my ewes remain friendly and handle-able as adults, some individuals are slightly more aloof. Where the boys are just always so gregarious and cuddly! 
So I do encourage people who don't want to breed, or want them as pets or for a fiber flock, to consider a wether. A wether is a neutered male. I can neuter them before they leave, or not. Your choice.

Some inexperienced people recommend bottle raising sheep to be friendly. This is not necessary in Finns, and is NOT recommended with rams!
Please read this article because it explains very well, why. Click on link below.
Bottle raised male orphans can be dangerous!
Scholefield Destry FBA26533, 2011

My  black HST foundation FBA registered ram (2011). The most cooperative cuddly temperament. So easy to shear free standing, I wish I had groomed dogs so easily. He produced fantastic bone, body and pigment. After keeping two of his daughters and one of his sons, I sold him. Unfortunately he has since passed away and it is a shame he is lost to the breed. I am glad I still have him in my pedigrees in Splash. I am also glad 2 of his sons are passing on his genes to other flocks. George in New Hampshire, and Stoney in Maine.
Two Moon Murphy FBA27319 (above at 3 mos.) black badgerface (no white) out of Xenya and Destry 2014. Full brother from 2013 to Stoney, thankfully I was able to retain some of his genetics. He is the sire of Gypsy (ewe page) out of Angie.
Stillmeadow Patric FBA27060, 2014
This guy has contributed some wonderful brown and piebald Stillmeadow genetics to my flock. It is time for me to share his wonderful temperament and genetics with another shepherd (2014-2018, here) 
Beautiful dark pigment, and great temperament definitely passed on. This brown boy is Leevi 2015, pictured here with Mogwai, black. He went to Maine to start his own flock. Leevi is out of Bria sired by Patric. See above.

SFC Brock FBA27569 2015 Brown badgerface from Sweet Clover Farm in Maine. His fleece is exquisite, and a creamy shade of gold, just off white with good crimp and beautiful sheen.
He has a sweet tamperament and passes that in. I have kept a beautiful ram lamb from him. Rebel Yell (above).
Ram lambs born here that have moved on to other breeding programs and wethers (neutered rams) that went to  fantastic pet homes.
Many of the lambs I produce here are sold as pets, for fiber flocks or mixed meat flocks. Although I do eat lamb I am happy to say I have not sold any of my purebred FInns for meat. Although they DO taste good! I keep my breeding flock small for this reason. I love them all and want great homes for them all. I am happy to say some of my best ram lambs have gone on to other purebred breeding flocks. Below you will see pictures from before they left as lambs. Hopefully I will eventually share pictures of them as mature rams.
Two Moon George FBA27320 was my pick lamb of 2014 (here at 6 mos). I was in love at first sight and he inherited his mothers wonderful temperament. He is out of Angie and Destry. I was proud to have Stillmeadow Finnsheep (a 20 year breeder of Finns) be impressed by his quality and pedigree. He has gone to New Hampshire to Cracked An Egg Farm.
Two Moon Leevi FBA27691 is a 2015 lamb out of Bria and Patric (here at 2 months and 6 months). He is a beautiful dark mahogany brown and has had the good fortune to go to Maine, to Sweet Clover Farms. I look forward to seeing what he produces and how he matures. He has great promise. He was my pick lamb this year (2015) but I have his father, so I was happy to see him go to his new home.
Two Moon Stoney FBA26698 (above at 5 months). He is a black badgerface (no white). He is out of Xenya and Destry 2013. Full brother to Murphy (year before). He now has his own girls in Maine at Sadie's Farm producing great temperament and fleeces.
Jerry, a 2014 lamb triplet out of Xenya and sired by Desrty, 2 of which (Ben and Jerry) went to Fort Rickey Discovery Zoo in Rome NY. Here as a yearling showing this little boy the wonderful temperament of Finnsheep.
Above, ​Atlas, a 2015 lamb out of Luna, sired by Denny, looking EXTREMELY happy at his new home with a young photographer and her family. Her blooming business is called Pine Tree Imagery and several pictures you see on my website are taken by her. Above right, his "brother" Adley, also a 2015 lamb out of Bria and sired by Patric, showing his wonderful self to the world. 
Foundation Rams (above) 2011-20118... current Rams (below) 2016-present
Two Moon Joker FBA28137
Brother to Rebel Yell 2016, this little man is a piebald badgerface in a very light, silvery grey color. He also shares BOTH of their parents wonderful temperaments. He is definitely an "in your pocket" sweet cuddly guy, and was from the start.
​He is now residing at Spot Hollow Farm in Trumansburg, NY.
Cannot wait to see what he produces there!
BOY was it hard to decide which of them to keep! Love him! Just LOOK at that face!
Two Moon Rebel Yell - FBA28136, 2016

Black badgerface, (no white markings, brown carrier)
Triplet ram lamb out of Xenya and Brock, 2016. His litter had great variety of colors and markings as well as consistently fantastic temperaments and fleeces. 
Sweet as the day is long, this boy reproduced his wonderful temperament and qualities his first year. He is maturing to be a solid guy with great structure and beautiful fine fleece with a beautiful satin luster and crimp which he has reproduced in his lambs.
See his daughters Aira and Ruby (on the ewe page).

Photo by Pine Tree Images
Denny, my first finnsheep (2011) as a 2 year old ram with his 4 year old buddy Cash.
My 2 first best boys. Best friends always. Here (above) Denny and Destry (a.k.a. Socks) as 2 year olds.
For those who are unsure, Finnsheep can breed year round. So the rams are kept separate throughout the year, except for breeding season. Personally I like to keep several rams (from different pedigrees) together, partly for company, partly so I can keep them as long as possible without worrying about inbreeding.
I have personally kept as many as 5 adult rams and wethers together with no issues. New additions are typically introduced as lambs.
Two Moon Mogwai 2015 son of Denny and Splash. Wonderful fleece, size, structure, color and temperament he was the keeper ram lamb of that year. Unregistered, but quality that could not be dismissed becasue of a piece of paper. Unfortunately he passed away suddenly of unknown causes before passing on his genetics. But I loved him.
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BFF Fiddle - FBA29049, 2017-2018
Black piebald badgerface.
This handsome boy hails from Brooklawn Farms in KY.
​Unfortunately this boy left too soon, but left us with a beautiful brown badger boy, Woody, who will hopefully pass on his genetics.

​Pics listed below soon.
POV Raylan - FBA29053, 2017

Black badgerface piebald
From Point Of View Farms, NY