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My Ewe Flock
My ewes are selected for particular pet temperament, personalities, and mothering ability. I keep a small but growing flock and they are all my pets. I know them personally. I don't enjoy struggling with management (like worming, hoof trimming) or shearing, with uncooperative, hard to catch animals. I love them and they get a lot of individual attention from the time they are born or set foot on my farm.    
Although I am a Dog Trainer/Behaviorist by trade, I do not need a herding dog to manage my sheep. They are quite intelligent and easily trained to come when called.

I am certified, and practice regular FAMACHA scoring on my sheep for parasites every 2-4 weeks and keep track of animals who show a natural genetic resistance to parasites. Those animals who maintain a regular 2 score (after a year of age) are valued and paid close attention to in order to breed more parasite resistant animals. Note is also made to animals who are not clearly resistant, but appear to be more resilient than others. 

I am trying to maintain some unique genetic patching that is seen, called Dalmatian, that is carried by my ewes Angie, Fresh, Amelia and another type of unique patching (I call Overo) seen in Splash and her son Mogwai. 
​I am also trying to maintain 'Solid' genetics. Which means with no white markings. This is seen in Xenya, Aira, Jupiter, Ruby, Miney and Anna. And although some are badger, they can, and do, produced solid blacks and browns. I strive to produce strong dark pigment (black and brown). With or without white HST (head, socks, tail) markings. 

There has NEVER been any evidence of hoof problems, Orf, or any other contagious problems in my flock. I am very careful of stock that I bring in. When I am not open to getting more varied genetics, from trusted shepherds, my flock is now closed. All of the adults (over 2 years of age) in my flock are tested negative for OPP and Johnes. Goats on my property are also tested negative for CAE and Johnes and only purchased from negative flocks.
​Stillmeadow Angie FBA26371, 2013

Brown piebald. From Stillmeadow in NY
​Lambing history 1,2,3,4 but such a fabulous mother. I never saw a ewe actually lift her leg to show a newborn lamb how to nurse before Angie did this with her first lamb. Great udder development and mothering genetics.

Wonderful mom. SOOO tolerant, even to lambs not her own. Although she wont nurse lambs that are not her own, she insists on trying to nurse her lambs, that I am trying to wean, right through the fence! NOT helpful. But really sweet.
​She also has great genetics for milk production and passes this on in her daughters.

Being a dog trainer I thought I would trouble shoot a training problem I was having, by teaching her this behavior. SOO glad I did. I now have evidence or her learning a somewhat complex new behavior, the first time, faster than any dog I have ever trained it. If anyone ever tells you sheep are dumb, show them THIS!

For reference, this targeting behavior would normally take about 3 (or more) 5 minute training sessions to get what she learned, and retains to this day, in 1, 3 minute session. Quite surprising.
Two Moon's Splash - FBA26699, 2013
(FOR SALE $350)
Black piebald.
Lambing history 1, 2, 3
Splash is out of Xenya (above) and Destry (see Ram page) 
She has a very long fleece a very unique Piebald pattern that includes dalmatian spotting, she shared with her first lamb Mogwai (2015 see Ram page) and a beautiful ewe lamb in 2016, Dharma (shown below). 

Two Moon Gypsy FBA27690
Born here 2015. Twin daughter of Angie and Murphy, a heavily marked black piebald with 1/2 blue eyes. She is a black beauty. 
She has a gorgeous head, great size, and the longest fleece at 6 months of all my 2015 lambs. Six inches! 
She will be bred to Brock for 2016 lambs and is moved to Sadie's Farm in Maine to start a show career!
Ewes produced here that have moved to other breeding programs.
The Girls
Cook Xenya - FBA24202, 2008

Black badgerface.
Her lambing history is 3,3,3,3,4,3,4
and she has fantastic, full udder development, produces the most milk, and is the best mother of any sheep I have ever owned. Always raises all of her lambs without assistance.
She has an absolutely sweet, patient temperament. Just a perfect animal. My foundation ewe.

2016 twins by  Patric (right). triplets by Patric 2017. Ewe lamb is Dharma and you can see her and Skanda 2017 triplet ewe lamb below. Wonderful mother, great temperament, excessive amounts of milk, and great udder development (inherited from her mother Xenya) rapid growth lambs, all lambs have had great markings. What more can you ask for?
Two Moon Ticket FBA28148
It is a hobby to put together the right genetics to create certain colors without starting with that color already. I started 3 years ago to breed a brown badgerface from my own genetics, without having those genetics already.
Ticket is a quadruplet ewe lamb out of Bria 2016 (pictured above as a lamb) and Patric (see Ram page). She is exactly what I wanted to produce. Mission successful. Now that I have the recipe, we will see if I can make more!
Two Moon Darma FBA28133
2016 beautiful black  dalmatian piebald ewe lamb, developing spotting at 3 months of age.
Out of Splash and Patric, she has a superior quality and length of fleece. After keeping her first daughter Aira, by Rebel, she has moved to a new flock down state.

Two Moon Dancer FBA28134
Stunning triplet brown piebald out of Angie 2016 (above) and Brock (see Ram page). May carry dalmation spotting, we will have to see. 

Both Dancer and Ticket will be moved to CT to add their beautiful qualities to Irish Acres. I cant wait to see what they produce there.

Photo by Pine Tree Imagery
Photo by pine Tree Imagery
Irish Acres Anna - FBA 28507, 2016
(FOR SALE $350)
Black badger
 from Irish Acres Finnsheep in CT. 
She has a fantastic pedigree, gorgeous fleece, pigment and markings. And just the right, sweet temperament I expect all of my ewes to have. She produced beautiful triplets her first season. See Ruby Vixen (below) by Rebel Yell.
Clearly a brown carrier and quality producer.
First lambs to sell this (2017) season.

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Two Moon Aira - FBA28864, 2017
(FOR SALE $350)
Brown badger
Singleton out of Dharma (see below) and Rebel Yell (ram page)
Gorgeous golden grey fleece with satin luster. Twin ram lambs this year and a great mom.
Two Moon Finally Miney - FBA28866, 2017

Black badger
Quadruplet out of Xenya (above) and Patric (ram page)

POV Aurora - FBA29047, 2017

Brown HST
From Point Of View Farm, NY

Extremely long, soft fleece at 4 months of age, and the biggest ewe lamb I have ever seen at that age! Fantastic addition to my flock!
POV Tulia - FBA29048, 2017

Black badgerface HST
From Point Of View Farms, NY

Good size, beautiful fleece, nice dark pigment. Nice addition.
Two Moon Skanda - FBA29104, 2017
Black piebald
Out of Splash (above), by Patric (see ram page) Singleton her first time, great mom. Great markings.
More to come...
Jacob Sheep (purebred and registerable)
Elin and Lenor 
(FOR SALE $350 for pair)
Color - Lavender

Twin Sisters bred by Spot Hollow Farm. Born 2017. Adorable and small. Easy size to handle. Dense fleece. Will be interesting to breed a different color in piebald crossbreds.