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Mixed Layer Flock
My layer flock is comprised of a variety of breeds. They are breeds and individuals that I have kept over the years and really enjoyed, who have had good temperaments, been healthy, hardy to our unpredictable weather, and good layers. 
I do occasionally hatch eggs from the layer flock and resulting chicks will be crosses of the breeds listed below.
If I advertise chicks as mixed layers, I will do my best to advise the breed combinations I think they are but this cannot always be determined. If I advertise chicks as purebreds, I can assure you they are, since I separatebirds into breeding groups so I know the parentage and genetics involved.
Pictures shown below are the actual birds in my flock.
I only keep breeds of chickens that are not excessively nervous, and especially non-aggressive roosters. 
These are Swedish Flower Hens and you can see the rooster being watchful but not offensively aggressive towards this bulldog puppy.
This is a prerequisite since I am a professional dog trainer and work from my home. Chickens are very good for distraction training.
Above 3 and right, Swedish Flower Hens

Left, blue gold double laced Barnevelder
Neiderrheiner, lower right
lower left, splash blue laced Wyandotte
Below, Isa Brown
Bielefelder Chickens

​A new, rare breed in this country, the Bielefelder was created in the 1970s in Germany as an autosexing (able to tell sex in chicks when hatched), friendly, dual purpose, egg (large/jumbo) meat breed.
Their color is called cuckoo red partridge (cuckoo is a barred pattern, part of what makes it not only unique but autosexing).
This is an interesting breed I have added to my layer flock. I am excited to see how they mature and contribute to my flock.

Below, Salmon Faverolle rooster
Left, Wheaton Maran, right, Light Brahma