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Fleeces available yearly
For those of you not familiar with Finnsheep fleece  may not know that it is one of the softest fleeces there are, next to, and comparable to, Merino (the breed with the highest quality fleece, used to be worn against the skin). I have had more than one wool processor/spinner insist that my fleeces must be from a Merino ore Merino cross.  And that particular fleece was from a 2 year old ram!
My flock has quite a variety of natural colors and shades. I currently have no white sheep. Some of my piebald sheeps' fleece can be separated by color, or carded, or spun together for some beautiful variegated effects in the resulting yarn.

All fleeces from animals shown on this website are available for sale and can be reserved. If you are interested in particular colors, I will include a variety of pictures which will show the full fleece, the color, sheen and crimp, and the length. I will also share a picture of the animal if it is required, from after shearing so you can see the extent and quality of color. I will also give information about my perception/opinion of the quality and softness of the fleece, how many months growth, and the age of the animal at shearing.
My prices are based on my opinion of the quality of the fleece, which will take into consideration the length, texture, crimp and amount of VM (vegetable matter). Average prices are $10-$25 per pound.
Fleeces are skirted for excessive VM, mats/felting, and short bits and second cuttings. I do my best to avoid second cuttings.  I shear all of my animals myself with care to keep the animals comfortable and maintain the quality of the fleece.

Fleeces vary from year to year based on weather, temperatures and vegetation.

Fleeces from specific animals can be reserved from future shearing with deposit. 
Discount for multiple fleeces. 2019 fleece can be held before shearing.
Shipping available. Buyer pays actual shipping.
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