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Central New York Lamb and Chicken - Custom Meats and Eggs
Here at Two Moon farms, we strive to provide the quality meat you desire, to your specifications.


Finnsheep are not a large breed of sheep. Most meat breeds of sheep have been selectively bred for large size and rapid growth, to maximize size and weight at butcher for maximum pound yield at sale, sold buy the pound, on the hoof.
Finns are not. 
Finnsheep are a land-race or heritage-breed. This means they have NOT been crossed with other breeds to improve or change their characteristics. They are an old breed, that have been selectively bred for versatility and efficiency in wool, meat and dairy production. They have also been selected for disease resilience, mothering ability, and what they lack in size, they make up for in quantity, via higher lambing rates, not only in multiple births, but in being able to breed year round rather than seasonally. 
Being lighter boned, and having less body fat, that means, generally, more of the pounds you are purchasing are actually in the meat when sold on the hoof. This breed is of a smaller structure and carries fat differently than in breeds selectively bred for meat production. The meat is much leaner, its meat more tender and succulent, and generally having a more delicate flavor, that you can taste, than many of the fattier meat breeds. In beef and pork you may prefer more fat and marbling, and breed for that, but in lamb you will find the lack of fat really improves the quality and delicacy of flavor. Even more so when grown slowly and finished on lasture, rather thna quickly on grain. If you love lamb, you must try our Finn and compare. You can taste the difference! I can taste the difference in the meat if it is even half-bred Finnsheep.

Sheep here are raised on pasture grass and high quality hay, following sustainable organic methods (not certified) that are in the best interest of the sheep. Grains are used selectively, beginning shortly before lambing season begins, during nursing, and at weaning time to help provide the appropriate calorie needs for our Finn mom's who have the high demands of multiple lambs (often triplets, quads, or more!) and the high calories needed for nursing all of those lambs. I personally select and mix my own grains, or have them mixed according to my specifications by a fantastic local feed mill, Richardson Farms in Vernon Center NY.
Weaning lambs do best when fed some grain prior to, and for the first month after weaning. This aids them in developing their rumen (the first stomach which receives food or cud) so they can grow the appropriate gut flora for maximizing their digestion. This can take a longer time without grain because the stress of weaning can temporarily slow growth due to stress. Increasing calorie intake at this time helps a smooth transition. After a month all lambs go out to pasture and receive no grain, only high quality hay and pasture, unless  your needs require otherwise.
You can place an order of specific requirements for the animal you wish to purchase. This can only be done when purchasing the entire animal. You can specify how you would like it fed, such as organic only, no corn, no soy, etc. as well as specify the size you would like the animal to be when sent to butcher. As well as how you would like the animal cut.

You can pick up your meat at the butcher location, my location, or have it delivered. 
See "Cut Sheet"
You can also simply purchase specific cuts only. We do sometimes have frozen, vacuum packed cuts available for sale.
Prices are according to your requirements, based on either live weight, hanging weight, or price per pound by cut (depending on the cut). 
Price also based on pick up location/delivery.

​Chicken and Eggs

My poultry breeds are selected for versatility of meat and eggs, as well as preserving rare and heritage breeds. They are also selected for temperament and beauty (backyard eye candy) and ease of keeping and raising.
My chickens live a happy live with freedom outside to range and scratch for natural greens and protein, to supplement their diet in addition to a complete diet ration I provide (including natural probiotics), custom ground, by a local feed mill, from locally raised grains and ingredients. I do not use commercially produced feeds.

The flavor difference in birds raised this way is not comparable to store bought, commercially raised chickens. The broiler breeds are a genetically modified cross breed selected for abnormally large breast, and excessively rapid growth, to be harvested at 8-12 weeks of age. Those types of chickens are actually incapable of normal healthy lives and are handicapped and crippled if not buthered at harvest age due to their unusually rapid growth. The growth rate would be compared to a human attaining adult size by 3 years of age, or a dog, by 3 months of age.

Chicken prices are based by the pound for whole, vacuum packed (brined or unbrined). 
You can also order bone broth (salted or unsalted).
Meat can be picked up at various locations or delivered.

Eggs are sized by weight and are $2.50 per dozen for small, $3.00/doz medium, $3.50/large.
Pickled eggs occasionally available.
Also can be delivered.

Delivered meats and eggs, extra fees may apply depending on distance.

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