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My Feathered Flock
Bantam Cochins  average 1-3 pounds
Size; Small           Variety; Blue mottled, black mottled and splash, porcelain and mille
​Listed as "recovering" on the Livestock Conservancy rare breed list.

I have been in the hobby of poultry keeping since 1995. Introduced to the hobby by my friend Sue Meyers. She introduced me to the first person I purchased purebred chickens from Jamie Matts. He is the most avid purebred poultry breeder/keeper I have ever met. He is also a poultry judge.
Since those early years I have enjoyed keeping predominantly purebred bantam (meaning 'small breed') Cochins for over 20 years. 
Although I don't show my birds (who knows what the future holds) I admire correct type and quality. 
Similarly to my sheep, I enjoy a flock of mixed colors. Also similar to my sheep, I appreciate breeds in which the males are NOT aggressive to people or each other.

​Cochins originate in China. This small, feather footed, Asian breed is quite cold tolerant and routinely lays eggs throughout the winter. Although the eggs are small (generally takes 2 to equal 1 xl egg) they make up in size by being comparatively feed efficient (feed/egg ratio).
Their temperament is quite sassy and sweet and they are easily maintained in a small coop in the urban setting.

Bantam Cochins are occasionally available. They are a mixed flock of a variety of colors. So available colors will be of a mix of these. 
Current roosters are: Blue mottled, Porcelain (lavender mille fleur project), spangled
Current hens are: Partridge, black mottled, calico (project), Porcelain
** Resulting chicks or hatching eggs could be an unknown combination off any of these, unless specified.

Chuckles, bantam splash Cochin rooster (above)
Boy, blue mottled bantam roo (below)
Bantam Cochin, black mottled pullet (left) and same bird as a 2 year old hen (right)
Bantam Cochin, red hen.
 Lucy lived to be almost 16! 

​Partridge pullet (right)

More pictures will be available soon
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Other pure breeds

I have several hens and pullets of other breeds I like to try to see if it is a compatible breed for me and my flock. Their variety adds beauty in the yard and is how I found the several pure breeds I currently breed, maintain, and enjoy.
I may occasionally have mixed breed chicks available from the hens listed below. They are often amazing and unique. I will generally know their cross when I incubator hatch but sometimes a hen is especially sneaky and will hide away a clutch of her eggs (and a few of her friends eggs). These will be sold as best guess accordingly.

Blue Red Laced Wyandote

Large Fowl Cochins average 8 to 13 pounds
Size; Large                   Variety; blue, black and splash with varying lemon, buff and red (sunset). In smooth and frizzle feather type. Also cuckoo (barred) and partridge.

I have only in the last few years gotten into the large Fowl variety of Cochins and love their temperament.
Although I will continually strive to improve the breed type of my birds, the colors I am particularly attracted to are of non-typical colors I refer to as Sunset or Sunburst Blues. Technically they are blue, black or splash birds with various amounts of lemon, buff or red leakage into the blue, black or splash coloring. Partridge and blue partridge may also be available.
My goals are to produce particularly beautiful layers of wonderful temperament and variety of colors. No 2 alike. There will occasionally be frizzle also available.
​I also have cuckoo (barred) Cochins which are very good quality and bred to S,O.P.
My LF Cochin project is Crele, or barred partridge.
Hatching eggs and chicks will not be available from my birds until 2019 as I am still developing my breeding stock. 
However since I cannot keep ALL of the chicks I hatch from various breeders stock this year (2018), I will be offering some of those for sale after growing them out.
Feel free to contact me and see if I have any of those available.
These pictures are of some of the young breeding stock I am growing out. Other colors and projects, will be updated and added as they mature.